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Unemployment at its lowest rate since 2009

The number of people signing on the live register in November 2013 fell to just over 390,000, with a monthly decrease of 3,400 claimants. This represents a standardised unemployment rate of 12.5 per cent in November, compared to 12.6 per cent in the previous month. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate from the CSO’s recent Quarterly National Household Survey stood at 12.8 per cent in the third quarter of the year.

In November 2013 54.1 per cent of total claimants were short term claimants. The number of long term claimants also decreased to under 180,000.

40,421 people registered on the Live Register in November 2013, with males accounting for 52.9 per cent and females 47.1 per cent. In perspective, this relates to an average of 8,085 new claims per week.

The change included a decrease in claims by the under-25s of -11.1 per cent and a decrease in claims by the over-25s of -5.2 per cent. The level of under-25s on the Live Register now stands at 15.3 per cent for November 2013, down from 16.1 per cent in November 2012 and 17.6 per cent in November 2011. The notable decrease in claims by young people is attributed to emigration.

There have been some critics of the figures, pointing towards factors such as seasonal work or those on certain internship schemes as possibly affecting the figures in a negative light, and that more accurate figures may come following the Christmas period.