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Udemy boost


If you’re looking to add a few new entries to the skills section on your CV, Udemy is here to help. Though many of the courses cost money, there’s always a few discounts floating around.

Chess champ

Studies indicate that playing chess can have several advantages, including improved brain function, improved memory capabilities, an increase in attention span and increased strategic capabilities. And there’s a course for that on Udemy – normally €108 it’s yours for free for a short time.

Key to coding

Fancy learning how to code? From 0 to 1: Java – Live Free, Learn To Code offers a guide to Java programming for beginners, and is currently free (normally €11).

Proper PowerPoint

Or, if you’re struggling with producing proper PowerPoint presentations, there’s a course for you too (free for the moment, normally €108). Learn how to edit text, add tables and lists, work with Clipart and shapes, and much more.

As always, H/T to user AccessAw

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