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Summer savings


We recently covered the good news for Electric Ireland customers – a rate reduction of 6% beginning June 1st. But even if you’re with another electricity provider, and you don’t want to switch, there are plenty of ways you can save this summer.

Select a salad

Ovens can be quite high consumers of electricity – why not take advantage of the warmer weather and cut down on your oven usage by having salads or lighter meals for dinner every now and again? And when you’re washing up, make sure the dishwasher is full before you set it off.

Play it cool

Appliances like fridges and freezers are typically some of the heaviest electricity users in the home. Keep them out of the sunlight if you can to prevent them from working harder to remain cool.

Switch it off

The days are getting longer, so there’s no need to switch the lights on too early, and switch your bulbs to LED if you can. Don’t forget to turn off electrical devices when you’re not using them – they’re still using power when on standby.

Hang them out to dry

Weather permitting, avoid using your dryer as much as you can – they’re very convenient but can be quite costly to run. If you haven’t got a washing line, invest in one for the warmer summer months! Don’t forget to only run full loads of washing (even if you only need one or two bits for the morning), and consider replacing your machine if it’s older as it may not be very energy efficient.

Avoid the peak

You can save money on your energy bills by running loads of washing or using other appliances during off peak times. For example, Airtricity offers a night rate (you may have to change your personal rates) which applies between midnight and 9am in the summer.

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