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Simply Having an Employable Christmas Time!

Probably the most advertised Christmas hiring has been from Argos who has announced they will be hiring nearly 700 people across their stores in Ireland and the UK. Argos has 41 stores across Ireland, all of which are accepting applications. Applicants must be 16 years or over.

If Argos isn’t for you almost every large retailer takes on temporary staff for the Christmas season. Check the website of any company or call in store to find out about vacancies.

Apply Now

Make sure you get in there as early as possible. If you’re looking to secure a Christmas job then enquire about applying immediately. If wait until it feels more like Christmas then it will be too late. Retailers need staff before Christmas for the festive rush, but also to prepare for their January sale. Be prepared to work Christmas Eve and St Stephen’s Day as they are two of the busiest days of the year for retail.

Making the first impression

Unless a company insists on an online application calling in to the shop definitely offers you the best chance of success. Calling in and chatting to the manager allows them to see that you are outgoing, friendly and easy to get along with. If you don’t make this initial good impression your CV will just go on the pile with all the others or even worse in the bin. One of the most important attributes of working in retail is having excellent people skills, if you show this on your first approach it will definitely heighten your chances during a highly competitive time.


When distributing your CV to potential employers, don’t put it in an envelope or a folder as it will most likely be forgotten about. Most importantly, make sure it’s short, clear and concise. Managers usually just scan a CV so bullet points are best, what you’re trying to say will get lost in long sentences when someone is just scanning the page.


If you make the interview stage remember that the most important thing is to go in there with a positive, can do attitude. If you have previous experience great but it is not always necessary. Many retailers like to train their staff from scratch so never having worked in retail before doesn’t rule you out. Remember that if you’ve reached the interview stage they’re already know about what you’ve done and can do and ultimately what to find out what kind of person you are. If you’ve already made that connection with the manager when submitting your CV then this should be even easier.

Turning it into a permanent position

If you work hard, show you’re a fast learner and get along well with other staff members then you may be considered for a more permanent position afterwards if there is one available. Treat this like a permanent job rather than a temporary job and your chances of staying on could increase.

4 October 2012