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Saving on your motor insurance



The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has released the results of their motor insurance comparison survey.

According to the CCPC, if consumers get quotes from more than one insurer, they could make significant savings by taking the time to do some research. The survey compared insurance quotes from eight different providers using nine different driver profiles varying in age, experience, location and other factors.

The research highlighted:

  • Potential savings across all profiles. For example, using the profile of a 67 year-old driving a Ford Fiesta in Dublin, there was more than €170 difference between the lowest and highest quotes.
  • One of the profiles with an increase in penalty points from two to six saw an increase of 37% (comprehensive cover) and 49% (third party).
  • Only two insurers provided quotes for a driver with six penalty points.
  • The survey also noted the importance of notifying your insurer should certain details change, like your profession or location, which could impact on the cost.

The CCPC presents a number of recommendations as a result of the survey:

  • Get the right level of cover for your needs.
  • Use a realistic estimation of your car’s value.
  • Read the terms and conditions, particularly in relation to policy excess.
  • Inform insurers of changes in your circumstances – they may reduce the cost, but it could also impact on the validity of your insurance.

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