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On your bike

On your bike

Cycling can be beneficial in many ways – it helps you get out and about, to improve fitness levels, or even save money by biking to work instead of taking the car and paying for fuel and parking, alongside the usual wear and tear. Unfortunately, bike thefts are all too common – it’s not a rare occurrence to see a dismantled frame or solitary wheel clinging to a stand or lamppost.

So what can you do to make sure you keep your bike on the road and in your possession?


It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but if you invest in an expensive but good quality bike lock (or a set), then that should reduce the chance of your bike going missing when you walk away. According to Dublin City Council’s Bike Theft Group, you should look for a U lock with the Sold Secure logo, either silver or gold, and use cable or chain locks as your secondary lock.

Keeping track

It’s always a good idea to photograph your bike (preferably with you in it as the owner), which can help with the identification process should your bike be stolen and then retrieved. Make sure you take note of the number on the frame, which is generally found stamped underneath the bottom bracket.

Parking up

According to, you should always look for the Sheffield style U stand when parking, and lock both wheels and the frame to the stand. Avoid leaving any slack if possible, and ensure any quick release parts are either secured or replaced. Don’t forget to lock your bike when you’re home – especially if it’s stored outside in a yard or shed.

An Garda Síochána have some useful advice on the best locking methods and locks.

Peace of mind

Insurance isn’t just for your car or home – you can insure your bicycle too. A quick scout on yielded a quote of €40.95 for the year for a 2014 hybrid bicycle worth between €251 to €500.

Honourable mention: Free gear

Kitting yourself out for cycling can add up, particularly if you want to get lightweight and waterproof clothing. Alongside keeping an eye out for Lidl’s semi-regular sales on cycling gear throughout the warmer months, the RSA provides a number of items free of charge, including high visibility jackets, bags and armbands, and a booklet on cycle safety.

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