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Not working 9-5

Matrix survey

Do you constantly work overtime in order to meet deadlines or expectations, or do you simply show up, work your allocated hours and leave? If you fall into the former category then you’re not alone. A new survey by Matrix Recruitment has put paid to that notion expressed by Dolly Parton all those years ago – working 9-5 isn’t the best way to make a living.

The survey polled 700 full-time workers and revealed that the traditional working day of 9-5 no longer applies. 73% said that they work outside traditional office hours, and almost half do so every day. Almost 60% said they check their work emails while off, and 66% check their emails outside the office on a daily basis. This doesn’t translate to a boost in pay, however – 72% weren’t paid for overtime, and 68% don’t receive time in lieu.

On the topic of out-of-hours work, just over half felt it was an obligation. Some felt it made their job easier and helped them to manage their time better, while others noted that heavy workloads left them with no choice. Others still blamed a culture of constant connectivity, as well as an inability to switch off.

“There are no major surprises here as thanks to our smartphones we are all constantly connected and it seems work is no exception,” said Joanne Foley, branch manager at Matrix Recruitment’s Dublin office. “This clearly has advantages for employees and employers such as being able to work remotely and more flexibility with office hours, but it can also set expectations of such flexibility among employers and co-workers.”

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