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Netflix vs Virgin Media

Virgin Media

If you’re trying to watch Netflix via Virgin Media Ireland’s broadband service, you might be experiencing interruptions or irritations of late. Customers have been complaining in recent weeks and months regarding slower speeds, streaming quality restricted to 480p and, in some cases, inability to access Netflix at all.

Writing in the Irish Independent this week, Adrian Weckler noted that Virgin are placing the blame at Netflix’s door, quoting the company as saying “Netflix uses specific routes and there seems to be an issue with the route Netflix uses to stream HD to Virgin media customers.”

According to the Netflix ISP Speed Index, which rates service providers worldwide on prime time Netflix performance, Virgin was ranked six out of seven, with Magnet, Eir, BT Ireland and Vodafone all ranking higher on the list.

Meanwhile, the company will also be raising prices for broadband customers by €5 per month on certain packages. For those who wish to move to a different provider without incurring a contract breach fee, you can do so until March 9th by calling Virgin on 1908.

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