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Legacy gift

Tanaiste and Minister for Justice & Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, pictured with Fergal O’Sullivan. Photo: Andres Poveda

As we often mention in You & Your Money, there are quite a few charities out there that are worthy of your time and money. Generally speaking most people will donate to charities during their lifetime, but have you thought about helping worthy causes even after you have gone?

That’s the message being promoted by My Legacy, which is running Best Will Week 2016 from Monday October 31st to Sunday November 6th in order to remind people about making a will and asking them to consider leaving a legacy gift to charity. According to research recently conducted by My Legacy, while Ireland ranks as the ninth most generous country in the world, only 12% of people plan to leave a donation to charity.

Legacy support provides more information on why you should make a will, a list of solicitors across the country, and some of the causes that you could help. “Established in 2003, My Legacy is an umbrella group of almost 70 Irish charities who know the positive impact a legacy gift can have on the work of a charity. We also all know the importance of making a will and we ask people to consider leaving a legacy to a favourite charity, once all other personal decisions have been made,” said Fergal O’Sullivan, Chairperson of My Legacy. “A legacy can be large or small and is a positive way to continue to support a cause that means a lot to you. This Best Will Week simply visit to find everything you need to know about leaving your legacy.”

Tipperary woman and breast cancer survivor Noelle Clancy has also extolled the benefits of leaving a legacy gift, noting that her recovery was made possible through Herceptin, a drug in part developed through charitable giving. “My cancer was so aggressive, Herceptin was a life saver for me and that was only possible because of cancer research, which brings a huge message of hope,” she said. “The development of Herceptin was a breakthrough and it is a game changer for many women with breast cancer. I would encourage everyone to leave a legacy gift to a charity – you never know who might benefit.”

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