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This coming weekend, Cork will see the launch of an entrepreneurial bootcamp designed to help those who already have the idea and the work ethic but are lacking the tools and know how to really make significant progress. These bootcamp weekends aren’t just unique to Cork city though. This is a global initiative that brings entrepreneurs from all disciplines together to formulate new business ideas and bring them to fruition over a 54-hour period.

A non-profit organisation, Start-up Weekend has its headquarters in SeattleWashington but the movement is active in 200 cities around the world. How the event wound up coming to Cork is testament to its growing popularity with past attendees. Will Martin, founder of Social games start-up, decided to bring the event to his hometown after being impressed with the event when he attended the San Francisco version last September,

“It was one of the most rewarding experiences…working side-by-side with my peers to build a product, business model, and execution strategy in 54 hours has given me the tools and contacts that I apply to LiveDuel,” he said.

Co-ordinators of the event believe that it will play a significant role in promoting the region’s ‘entrepreneurial eco-system’. Start-up Weekend will take place in University College Cork’s western gateway building over three days from next Friday 5th of April to Sunday 7th. For more details or to register, log on to The event costs Ђ50 to attend. If you miss it, don’t worry, judging by its growing popularity, it could well be coming to Dublin in the near future.

Courtesy of The Sunday Business Post, March 31st 2013.