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Irish direct selling industry reports 121% increase

The Direct Selling Association of Ireland (DSAI), whose members include Amway, Forever Living and Herbalife, has released new figures that show a significant rise in the number of people turning to direct selling since the start of the recession, as a way to earn additional income.

The new figures show a 121% increase in distributor numbers since the Irish recession began in 2008, whilst sales throughout the industry for the same period have more than doubled, with three of the largest direct selling companies in Ireland reporting a 103% increase in sales between 2008 and 2012.

In addition, the DSAI has revealed that there has been substantial rise in revenue being generated through ‘party’ sales, where direct selling consultants will demonstrate products in a client’s home before offering them for sale to the assembled group. The DSAI’s largest members have reported a 195% increase in revenues generated this way between 2008 and 2012, and home selling parties now account for nearly a fifth (19%) of the industry’s Ђ50 million revenue.

Lynda Mills, Director of the DSAI comments: “As times have become tough over the last few years, the industry has emerged as an alternative way of earning for a significant number of people. These figures show that increasing numbers of Irish people are successfully turning to direct selling, to help support their household incomes, as the traditional jobs market continues to prove challenging for people.”Irish unemployment peaked at 14.9% in March 2012, and is currently estimated to be around 14% according to figures from Ireland’s Central Statistics Office.Lynda Mills continues: “The rise in popularity of party-based selling can also be connected to the current economic climate; whereas people might have gone out for dinner or drinks before the recession, direct selling parties are a cheaper night in, socialising with friends and family.”

There has also been a rise in terms of daytime parties, where groups like new mums or older people get together in communities to share knowledge, network and sell.Direct selling, where goods are sold direct to consumers and do not rely on a fixed location, is open to anyone. It is a flexible work option, allowing people to supplement their income and work the hours they choose, without depending on the traditional jobs market.

The Direct Selling Association of Ireland is the trade body for the industry, responsible for promoting the sector and regulating member companies. All DSAI member companies sign its Code of Practice, which ensures that direct sellers and customers can be safe in the knowledge that any member company will uphold the integrity of the industry.

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