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Heading on a road trip in the near future? If you’re worried about getting lost, then get your hands on the Garmin HUD sat nav for just €99 this weekend from Screwfix, normally €224.49.

It’s not a standalone unit, however – the system works in tandem with smartphone apps over Bluetooth, and the Garmin unit then projects a simplified version of the directions on the display (or on a film that can be affixed to your windscreen), along with speed limits, current speed and your estimated time of arrival. Voice commands will also be given via your car radio (if it is Bluetooth enabled) or your smartphone’s speakers. It also comes pre-loaded with maps of Europe.

The major drawback is that your tied to the use of two paid-for apps that certainly aren’t cheap – the Navigon app costs €39.95 and is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone (costing €54.59 on the latter), while the Garmin Streetpilot app is only available on iOS and will set you back €89.99.

Although still cheaper than the original unit price combined, this might be a better buy if you’ve already splashed out on one of those apps, as you can get a 4.3-inch Garmin sat nav from Halfords for just €79.99 (including Ireland and UK maps). Currys is also offering a 5-inch Garmin Nuvi with Ireland and UK maps for €99.98 (normally €139.99) or the same version with the addition of Western Europe maps for €119.99 (also usually €139.99). Both devices include free lifetime maps updates and speed camera locations.


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