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We here at You & Your Money are self-confessed petrolheads – anything with at least two wheels and an engine of some description will generally attract our attention. And, like many motoring enthusiasts, the thought of investing in a classic car has always lingered in the back of our minds.

That’s the subject tackled by John Cradden in the Irish Independent this week, who writes that although some people have declared that 2015 will be the year in which the classic car bubble finally bursts, the fact that the market has expanded to incorporate buyers worldwide, alongside a general settling of prices to more sustainable levels, means that prices will actually continue to rise for the “right” cars.

In other news, Fiona Reddan of The Irish Times takes a decidedly less-than-romantic view of weddings this week, now that the numbers of couples who can actually get married has risen as a result of the recent referendum.

Reddan enlists the advice of KPMG’s head of employment tax services, Billy Burke, who notes that while the economic benefits of getting married might only be felt once or twice during a couple’s lifetime, such effects are quite significant, with certain tax and pension benefits available to those who get hitched.

Finally, experts say that if you’re considering greening your home in a bid to increase energy efficiency, fancy technological items like solar panels and biomass boilers shouldn’t be at the top of your shopping list. Instead, they advise investing first of all in items like external wall insulation.

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