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Game of Homes

You might be forgiven for thinking that hit television series (and, some people seem to forget, a fantastic book series) Game of Thrones is about the destructive power of love, revenge or simple greed (tempered with a great deal of violence, it has to be said).

But, according to financial experts, it’s actually about something far more mundane – property. Gavin Baker, for example, head of Fidelity Investments’ $13bn OTC portfolio fund, recognises the need to make dispassionate decisions (based on the contrasting actions of Robb Stark and Tywin Lannister), while financial planner Michael Anderson notes the importance of leveraging the assets you have (Daenerys Targaryen mightn’t have had much in the way of money as she wandered through the desert, but she did have three dragons).

[As an aside, if you’re interested in just how much wealth some of GOT’s richest characters have, some financial have made a stab at the calculations.]

At the very least, the series offers some sound financial advice for consumers from the Lannisters – always pay your debts.

New or used wheels?

In other news, while a sparkling new car might look good on your driveway and make your annoying neighbours jealous, does it really make financial sense?

According to the Irish Independent‘s Sinead Ryan, it might just be less complicated to buy second hand, particularly if that new set of wheels arrives at your doorstep courtesy of a Personal Contract Plan (PCP).

While the motor industry is quite fond of lauding the product, Ryan notes that unlike personal loans from the bank or credit union, PCPs are termed ‘secured’ loans, and so if you fall behind on repayments you could face losing that new Audi.