Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

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Stuart Miles/

Stuart Miles/

Financial planning

Planning ahead is a vital step when it comes to securing your financial affairs, according to the Irish Independent. Based on a survey conducted by Dublin-based financial advisers Hegarty Financial Management – which found that most people haven’t appointed someone to look after their affairs in case they become incapacitated – they advise taking a number of steps:

  • Establish power of attorney
  • Create a will
  • Compose a letter detailing your wishes
  • Record your wealth and debts
  • Set out directions for your funeral

Premium refund

In other news this week, Independent technology editor Adrian Weckler draws attention to the fact that €390,000 has been refunded to 12,000 users of premium SMS service Dragonfly Services.

The telecoms regulator Comreg upheld complaints regarding a lack of information for users to unsubscribe from these often costly services.