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Consumer watch

Consumer watch

Ryanair delays bag changes

Good news for Ryanair customers this week – its new cabin bag policy will now come into effect from January 15th 2018 rather than next month. Customers who haven’t selected priority boarding will be banned from bringing wheeled bags on board, though Ryanair has confirmed that these will be placed in the hold without charge at the boarding gate.

The airline has already cut its checked bag fees from €35 to €25 in a bid to persuade more fliers to check their luggage, increasing the checked allowance from 15kg to 20kg.

“We will delay the introduction of our new cabin bag rules until 15th January 2018, to allow our customers more time to familiarise themselves with the policy changes,” says Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs. “From Jan[uary], we will be restricting non-priority customers to one small carry-on bag (their wheelie bag will be placed in the hold, free of charge at the boarding gate) which will speed up the boarding of flights and eliminate flight delays.”

Tracker scandal

Elsewhere, the tracker mortgage scandal continues to rumble on, with the number of wronged customers seemingly growing by the day. According to Charlie Weston from the Irish Independent, a number of angry customers have contacted An Garda Síochána’s National Economic Crime Bureau regarding the scandal.

Although a Garda spokesperson confirmed that it had received a number of ‘enquiries’ and would be assessing their validity, Weston notes that “…gardaí are understood to be unlikely to launch a fraud investigation into the banks unless there is clear evidence of criminal wrongdoing presented to them by the likes of the Central Bank.”

Switching experience

Finally, most of us have heard of the benefits of switching, but we can be a bit slow to actually do so ourselves for a variety of reasons. The Irish Times’ Fiona Reddan is among those who have extolled the virtues of changing providers, and this week she explains how she saved more than €1,000 in a year by doing so.

“Although I often find myself writing about the benefits of switching, I admit (somewhat shamefully) that I have been a bit slow to engage in a bit of ruthless switching myself. But not anymore,” she writes.

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