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Fuel costs

Irish householders are being warned to top up their oil tanks before winter comes, with prices for fuel and electricity set to rise.

That’s according to the Irish Independent’s Charlie Weston, who notes that “A move to hike prices will reverse almost two years of energy cost reductions. The return to price increases has prompted warnings to householders to lock into discount deals now, and those who use home heating oil are advised to get their tanks filled before prices start to surge.”

Dublin vs London

With Brexit looming on the horizon, current and potential Irish passport holders living in the UK are considering a move across the Irish Sea. This week The Irish Times compares the cost of living between Ireland and the UK, examining whether those currently living in London would be better or worse off in Dublin in terms of rents, transportation, groceries and other factors.

“We asked Irish Times readers who live or have lived in London to help us work out whether they’d be better or worse off,” writes Jennifer Purcell. “On the plus side, they highlighted the central London buzz – the bustling streets, the nightlife, ample career opportunities and exceptional public transport. Against that, there was the higher rent and the longer commutes to and from work each day.”

eBay charges

eBay is set to raise its charges by 20% according to the Irish Examiner, which could impact your pocket when you buy through the online marketplace. Brian Keegan writes that this is to compensate for any VAT that may be lost through sales of secondhand goods or from vendors unaware of their tax obligations, though it may drive away some consumers.

“In some cases it may ultimately become cheaper for Irish customers to buy goods and services by more traditional means than online,” he says. “Online purchasers will need to be more wary of the web price quoted. The old saying that smart people read the fine print is never truer than with web purchases.”

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