Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

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Income increase

Looking to make some extra cash? According to the Irish Times, there are a number of ways to bulk up your income, like renting out a room or your house via Airbnb, taking in students or direct sales.

The popularity of Airbnb has soared in recent years, attracting young or less well off travellers to places they might not usually be able to afford.

Cash in the attic

In other news, the Irish Independent advises you to check what you’ve got hidden away in your attic, and if it’s got a value then you should be careful exactly how you sell it online. Londoner Craig Stevens sold half of his life-long Star Wars figure collection for the equivalent of €50,000 recently, and expects to make even more when he sells the remainder.

A number of factors can influence how much you can make, including choosing which items will sell, doing some research to get the pricing right, and listing an advert that stands out from the crowd.

Budget holiday

Thinking of taking a few days off around the continent. Did you know you could do it for less than the price of a night out on the town?

Journalist Kay Cairn is on a three day getaway from Tuesday to Thursday in Brussels on a budget of €65; including flights, accommodation, food and entertainment.

Follow the liveblog via the Irish Examiner to see how she’s managing it.