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Bargain corner

Mission to Mars

Fancy travelling to Mars? Now you can, at least in name, for free! This is a great one for the kids – NASA will be launching the InSight lander in March 2016, destined for arrival on Mars in September 2016, and onboard will be a chip carrying the names of anyone who signs up. You’ll even get a printable boarding pass with your name and destination!

To sign up you’ll need to provide your name and country (email address optional). The last day to register is September 8th 2015.

Fancier dress

Thinking about stocking up on some fancy shirts or casual wear from the Savile Row Company? All of this week you can get discounts on their online store with the promotional code TICKET – giving you 25% off until midnight tonight (Thursday), 22% off until midnight on Friday and 20% off until midnight this Sunday.

Q-Park for less

Parking with Q-Park this August? The company has partnered with Today FM to offer 10% off online bookings for the rest of the month – just use the promotional code todayfm when booking.

Garden Grabs

The weather is still relatively decent (when it wants to be), so there’s still time left to get out and about in your garden this August. Aldi’s latest Thursday specialbuys allow you to do just that – get your hands on garden bags for €3.99 each, branch pruners for €9.99, telescopic hedge shears for €7.99 and much more.

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