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Halloween inspiration

Halloween Inspiration

Finding ways to keep the kids busy over Halloween and the mid-term break can undoubtedly be quite challenging. If you’re in the West of Ireland this weekend, the Museum of Country Life at Turlough Park in Castlebar is running a free exhibition on how Irish customs inspired modern celebrations of Halloween, titled ‘Ghost turnips, púcas, fortune-telling and evil abductions – How Irish customs inspired today’s Hallowe’en Holiday.’

“Many of the Hallowe’en celebrations we enjoy today owe their origins to our Celtic ancestors. Hallowe’en is the eve of Samhain, which falls on November 1 and which was one of four seasonal markers (Quarter Days). It signalled the onset of winter and like most Irish festivals, the main festivities took place on the night beforehand, in this case October 31st,” said Curator Clodagh Doyle.“Hallowe’en is one of the few festivals of the calendar year that is still practiced in much the same way as it was for generations. Before electricity, the countryside was a very dark place, adding to the scariness of the festival. Disguise, death, protection, fruit and nuts as festive fare, games, pranks and marriage divination were all part of the tradition and still are today. Although nowadays, less is homemade – supermarkets do the barmbrack, the costumes and the treats!”

Thunder Road discount

If you fancy some American-style fare at a discount, Thunder Road Café in Dublin’s Temple Bar is offering a €60 voucher for two people for €39, and a €100 voucher for four people for €59, via LivingSocial. Valid seven days a week until November 30th 2017, you’ll have to purchase food and drink (rather than alcohol only). For all of the terms and conditions, see

Clean up at Lidl

If your house is in need of an autumn clean, Lidl’s special offers this week include a variety of household supplies including plastic storage boxes for €2.99 per set, tumble dryer lint removal balls for €2.99, ironing board covers for €4.99 and a rechargeable floor sweeper for €24.99.

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