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Your therapy

Your Therapy

Regularly taking medication can prove difficult at times, particularly if you’re on more than one tablet or treatment – you may forget to take a certain pill at a certain time, or simply feel weary of taking them at all.

The popular MyTherapy app, which improves adherence to medication, has recently released a nifty new feature which allows family members to monitor a love one’s medication intake, and to act as motivators. “Sharing their adherence stats with family members is a huge motivator for many of our users. Additionally, if they happen to miss a dose, many enjoy a brief reminder call,” said founder Sebastian Gaede.

“I take several medications. I know, how important it is to take them as indicated. MyTherapy’s medication reminders are a great support. However, with the new feature every now and then, my daughter calls saying ‘Mum, think of your tablets’ – this helps me stay on top of my health even more,” added Ellen from Brighton, a beta tester for the new feature.

Other interesting features include a build-in health journal which summarizes medication intake and other information concerning your health, which can be shared with your doctor to improve your treatment plans. The app is the brainchild of smartpatient, a company founded in 2012, to encourage people to stick to treatment plans and medication regimes and to encourage people to implement healthy lifestyles. smartpatient developed the app as a digital support for the chronically ill, and to allow doctors better understand the needs of their patients.

“Many of our users have to regularly take medications but also lead busy lives. They want to be fit for their partners, their children or their grandchildren. For many of them, it’s a motivating factor if their families can be part of their medications regime,” said founder Sebastian Gaede.

The app is free and available to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.



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