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Recently released research by the NCA has confirmed again that Irish shopping habits continue to change when it comes to food. In terms of responsibility, 72 per cent of women surveyed were found to be mainly responsible for shopping while 57 per cent of men said they had no responsibility at all. Shopping habits have also changed for the majority of people; nearly 90 per cent of respondents believe they are shopping more wisely, while 67 per cent now shop in stores with cheaper prices. The research has also indicated a move towards home cooking; 73 per cent of those asked are cooking increasingly from scratch.

Fergal O’Leary, Director of Research and Policy at the National Consumer Agency, said: “Our research reveals that women continue to be mainly responsible when it comes to shopping for food and groceries and while shoppers remain focused on price and are definitely thriftier, they are not prepared to compromise on quality. Consumers are now spreading their shopping across a number of stores and this is particularly evident amongst the younger demographic. There have been further significant shifts towards supermarket own-brand labels as consumers believe that the quality of own-brand products has improved, and that much of the competition that occurs in the grocery market is now in the own-brand segment. It appears that consumers are increasingly aware of the options and the potential for savings which own-brand products present.”

The research was carried out in June 2013, and involved face to face interviews with 1,012 people aged 16+. A copy of the report can be viewed on the NCA’s corporate website –

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