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Uberx guarantees cheaper taxi fares

Uber stockimagesFor almost five months now, uberX has been providing Dubliners with a low cost, high quality taxi at the push on a button. Its updated pricing will ensures that uberX is always ten per cent cheaper than hailing a taxi — day or night.

Fares will be calculated using the driver’s meter; at the end of the trip, the driver will enter the fare into the app. The Uber system will then automatically discount the trip by ten per cent, every time. Plus it will send you a receipt so you can see all your savings!

Here is an example of potential savings:

Hanover Quay to Ranelagh – pre 8pm

uberx €8.55

Hailing a taxi €9.50

Wexford Street to Dundrum – post 8pm

uberx €14.60

Hailing a taxi €16.25

It mightn’t seem like much, but all those euros and cents will add up.