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The unwanted gifts

Unwanted gifts

Many of us have been there at some point – you’ve just received a truly terrible gift that you’ll never use, though you attempt a smile and a nod in the giver’s general direction. Your first thought might be to simply bury it deep within the bowels of your wardrobe, but there are plenty of other options too!

Cash in

If you’ve got a receipt or a tag, then getting a simply cash refund is the best and quickest option. People don’t usually include the receipt with their gift, however, unless it’s a gift receipt, but you might still be able to avail of an exchange for something you might actually use.

Trade in

If you can’t get rid of it in the shop, you can always opt to sell or trade your unwanted present online. List it on,, or, all of which will likely be flooded with people in a similar situation after the 25th.

If you’ve got clothing items, stores like The Secret Closet, Ruby Ruby and Siopaella could take them off your hands for resale. And, if you’re feeling generous, you could give it away on or


Be careful with this one, particularly if your unwanted present is a little unique or unusual, like a personalised set of sporks. Otherwise, re-wrap and reuse for birthdays, housewarming parties or even for next Christmas! According to research conducted by Aviva, almost one in two Irish adults have regifted something they received at Christmas – more than one in four admitted to doing so more than once. Meanwhile, almost one in 10 indicated that they are serial Christmas re-gifters. So you’re not alone!

Donate to Charity

Last, but not least, and in keeping with the holiday spirit, you could always donate your gift to a charity shop. You mightn’t leave with cash in your pocket, but at least you’ll know you might have been able to make a difference to someone’s life. Organisations like St Vincent de Paul, Enable Ireland, Irish Cancer Society, Barnardos and Oxfam Ireland all accept donations.


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