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Tax Tricks

Reclaim what is rightfully yours

Somebody somewhere once told me that over 70 per cent of Irish PAYE workers overpay on their tax every year. Have you ever bothered to have your tax payments reviewed?
Millions of euro goes unclaimed every year and even though the country is feeling the pinch at the moment, I for one can pass on my patriotism when it comes to matters of the pocket. The way I see it, it’s my money!

It’s no coincidence that is by far the best of the public service websites, allowing punters to pay their taxes online from the comfort of their own home. They’ll even give you a payment extension if you use their online service. When it comes to dishing it out, amazingly the same rules apply, and the good Revenue folk have made it easier than ever to replenish some severely damaged post-Christmas coffers.

First you need to register for PAYE anytime at When you’ve done that, you’ll receive your unique pin number in the post within (roughly) five working days. Once you’ve received your pin, you’re ready to go. Check your tax credits, view your tax record, and most importantly, get some of your hard earned cash back where it belongs. One colleague signed up and within four minutes on the site she was over E400 better off thanks to rent relief.

While over 70 per cent of us overpay on our tax every year, the same percentage relates to the amount of PAYE workers who are eligible for additional tax relief outside of their income tax refund. You’re probably one of them, so when the P60 lands on your desk later this month, keep it close by and claim back what is rightfully yours.
By Brian O’Neill