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Student opinions


Student opinionsLife as a student can be tough, surviving on little more than Lidl’s finest instant noodles and the truly awful Tesco Cola. If that sounds like you, then we’ve got some top tips on how you can make your financial situation a little easier by simply sharing your opinions.

Irish Opinions

If you don’t mind sharing some personal information (including the region you live in, annual salary and your preference in mobile phone contracts), Irish Opinions might be the option for you. Members can earn anywhere from 75c to €5 for completed surveys – the holy grail is the specialist survey that could net you €50 (though these are extremely rare). Topics can be diverse, ranging from grocery shopping and car insurance to alcoholic drinks and your opinion on billboard adverts.

You’re not going to make enough to give up your part-time job (if you’re lucky to have one), but you could gather the best part of a weekly shopping in Tesco. Once your balance reaches €10 you can claim your reward – vouchers from Eason, Tesco and Boots, as well as the option to donate €10 to World Vision Ireland.

Europinions & Red C Live

Europinions and Red C Live work on a similar basis. For the former, you’ll have to wait until your account reaches €30 before your reward is paid out – this includes vouchers for One4All, Amazon or PayPal. Red C Live, meanwhile, pays respondents €1 for every five minutes spent answering questions. Once you’ve reached a total of 50 points, you’ll be sent a cheque for €50.

Google Opinion Rewards

Finally, if you’re an Android user, Google Opinion Rewards might also be of some interest. A free app available only on Android devices you can earn Google Play credit in exchange for filling out Google Consumer surveys.

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