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Something for the dads

Father’s Day is a time-honoured tradition, when fathers up and down the country welcome another addition to their funny tie collection.

Kids (big or small) might not be the best at picking out presents, however, and they generally don’t have very much money. Although it’s the thought that counts, you can give them the chance to buy a present for dad with their own pocket money, and without breaking the bank.

Dealz, for example, has got a range of inexpensive Father’s Day gifts ranging from mugs and chocolate to bottle openers and photo frames. Or you could head on down to your local Aldi and help them pick up a nice selfie stick (if he’s into that sort of thing), or a luxury leather wallet.

Boots is getting in on the act too – offering half off selected Baylis and Harding sets, and 1/3 off another Lynx gift set to add to his collection, for example.

They don’t all have to be bought and paid for, however – if you or your kids are artistically inclined in any way then you could create some great DIY gifts. How about a set of leather cardholders? DIY cufflinks are a nice idea too – made from reused buttons they can lend a great personalised touch to a special occasion. Or, take a leaf from from Martha Stewart’s book and get cracking on some lovely cards, crafts and coupons.

Perhaps best of all, you could just whip up his favourite breakfast meal accompanied by a nice cup of tea and a tray for breakfast in bed!


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