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Reignite your Kindle

ebooks adamrIn ‘Another Screen’, legendary Scottish writer Irvine Welsh urges “don’t buy me a Kindle for Christmas, just come by and rekindle my heart.” It’s a song whose theme revolves around pulling back from the screens which invade our daily lives, from sitting behind one in the office 9-5 every day, then returning home to watch football or Coronation Street on another one in the evening.

On the one hand, Welsh has a point on the other – technology is pretty handy. The Kindle is a great example of this; where once you might have had space for one or two books in your bag, you can now carry hundreds around in your pocket.

If you do opt for an e-reader for one of your loved ones this Christmas, don’t forget there’s a host of free e-books out there for download (legally). Project Gutenberg, for example, offers 46,000 ebooks to download or read online. All the classics are available here, from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Or go to, a website that matches Kindle users via Amazon, allowing for borrowing and lending of books. You don’t actually need a Kindle – all you need to do is download a Kindle reading app.

There are plenty other options out there too – get reading!