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Ready, steady, bake

Great Irish Bake

Photo: Andres Poveda Photography

If you’re out and about this Friday, keep an eye out for local bake sales raising money for Temple Street through the Great Irish Bake. Since the first Great Irish Bake was held in 2009, over 2,000 cake sales have been hosted across the country, raising €500,000 for a very worthy cause.

Each year Temple Street Hospital urgently requires funding to upgrade equipment, fix broken wards and fund research. The ICU, for example, was redeveloped to the tune of €2.5m, incubators which save the lives of newborn babies cost €50,000, while an MRI machine can cost €2.5m.

Donations also help fund parent and patient services, which allows parents to stay in a home from home while their child is in hospital. “It’s great to have it here as it’s a whole lot better than sleeping on a chair or on the hospital floor,” said one parent. “It’s hard to look after your seriously ill child and leave your other kids and partner at home. This home has changed that. It’s a help and comfort to know that there is somewhere we can go.”

This year’s target is a new Neurology & Renal Unit for the hospital. “We need €5 million to make our new Neurology & Renal Unit a reality and we’re over halfway there! The money you raise at your bake sale will help to get us over the finish line so that more than 6000 patients and their families can benefit from this new, comfortable and modern facility every year,” said Denise Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Temple Street Foundation.

Although the official bake date is this Friday, if you’re interested you can register throughout the month of April, with some bake sales underway this month and next. Register your event on and you’ll receive a supporters pack in the post, containing balloons, posters, tips and tricks. If you’re not sure about what you should bake, they’ve also got you covered. Enjoy!


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