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Planning ahead

Christmas budget Mister GCWe’re already several days into December, and a lot of people are already powering through their Christmas shopping. There’s still plenty of time left, however, and plenty of time to make your Christmas budget. has a handy tool which does it all for you. Simply enter your total budget, and what you intend to spend on different sections likes gifts, food and entertainment, and it will give you a total breakdown, including the difference between your proposed budget and spend.

When shopping for presents you can do so online – you may find that online stores like eBay and Amazon have the gifts you want for less, and depending on where it’s coming from, there’s still time to get it shipped by Christmas. If not, you can use the internet to compare prices, or investigate product worthiness with comparison tools like

And when it comes to that big shop, don’t buy everything you see – make a list of everything you need and resist the urge to pile boxes of biscuits into your trolley. Most shops will be open right after Christmas day and prices will drop, so you don’t need a huge stockpile before December 25.

And most importantly, don’t forget you should never shop on an empty stomach. The sight and smell of all those delicious Christmas treats will leave you with a mountain of puddings and mince pies you have no intention of eating come January. At least the dogs will eat well.

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