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No tricks, just treats

Halloween Salvatore VuonoThere’s just a little over two weeks left until perhaps one of the scariest (kids) and longest (adults) nights of the year. If you like to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of things, you might as well save some money – after all, while the sweets will be enjoyed for a number of days, you’ll just get a day or two’s use out of those spooky decorations.

Dealz’ Halloween character buckets and felt bags are just €1.49. The pumpkin pail with sweets is also €1.49. Themed treats like gummy eye-balls, witches broomstick marshmallows and monster popping candy are all only €1.49. And it’s the same price for lights, tableware, DVDs and books. Why go mad spending for just one night when you can get more for less?

Dealz are also giving away a store voucher on their Facebook page – all you have to do is post some pretty autumn photos and you could win €50!

And don’t forget you have a fantastic resource in the form of the internet – the home of many great, thrifty ideas for festive fun.

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