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Moving in the right Circles

Circle payments

Money, or a lack there of, can make certain situations quite awkward, particularly among friends. Say you’re in a taxi home from a night out, and you realise you’ve spent your taxi money on that last round of drinks. You could ask the taxi driver to swing by the nearest ATM. Or you could just make use of Circle, a tool designed for this particular situation.

Based in Dublin and launched late last year, Circle is a social payments app that allows you to send and receive money for free, as simple as sending a text or an email. You can send or request as much as money as you want, as well as accompanying messages, images, GIFs and emojis – whatever you think will do the job to ensure you receive your money, or by way of a thank you for bailing you out!

It’s also free to send and receive between euros, dollars and sterling, so you could send money to a friend or relative across the world for their birthday without incurring any international fees. All you need is their phone number or email address. Funds can be kept in your Circle account, or you can transfer them to your debit card.

Get going

Using Circle is quite straightforward. Once you download Circle Pay from the App Store or Google Play (you can also sign up on the web-only platform at, you’ll be prompted to sign up with either your email or phone number, and to scan your debit card as part of the registration process. With no fees for sending or receiving money, security measures include a PIN, touch ID, two device verification and FCA (UK financial regulator) authorisation.

And, to sweeten the deal, you can earn €5 of referral money once family or friends, who’ve signed up with your Circle url, send over €25 from their account.

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