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Motor premiums rise again

Car insurance

In more bad news for cash-strapped consumers, motor insurance with FBD is set to rise by another 10%. They’re not the only ones, however, as AA Ireland customers have witnessed a 20% rise over the past year.

If you do find yourself with a larger bill come renewal time, don’t panic, as there are several steps you can take to reduce your premium.

  • Drive safely, and legally. Penalty points will almost always cause your premium to jump in cost, particularly over 4/5 points. The cleaner your licence, the less you’ll (hopefully) have to pay to be insured.
  • Pick a smaller car. Driving a 3.0L Mercedes E-Class might be very tempting (and comfortable), but it’ll cost a lot less to get a Skoda Fabia on the road.
  • Shop around, and let your current insurer know you’re doing so. Faced with the prospect of losing a customer to a competitor, many insurance companies will be happy to offer a discounted premium.
  • Avoid making modifications to your car, particularly in relation to its performance, as these can impact on your quote. If you do, let your insurance company know as there may be issues if you ever have to make a claim.
  • Keep your mileage down. Generally speaking, the less you drive the less your premium will be. If you live and work in a town or city, considering walking or cycling to work twice or three times a week at least. It also has the benefit of keeping you healthy and saving you money on fuel.
  • Finally, pay for your annual premium up front. It might seem like a sizeable investment at the time but in actuality you’ll pay more for the privilege of paying in monthly instalments, for example.


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