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Money doesn’t buy happiness

Stuart Miles/

According to a recent survey carried out by Matrix Recruitment Group, money isn’t everything, at least for Generation Y. The results show that when asked to rate what makes people happy at work, salary comes behind good co-workers, a healthy work/life balance, a good working environment and (if only) an easy commute.

Salary does, however, come into play when people go looking for new jobs, and is the second highest issue on the list of priorities for those under 35 – a good work/life balance took the top spot.

“It is very interesting for us to discover that while employees rate salary as a high priority when looking for a new role, it actually comes further down the agenda than you would think for employees who are happy in their current roles. It is interesting to see that Generation Y places a much greater emphasis on work/life balance and relationships with co-workers, than money,” said Kieran McKeown, Matrix Recruitment CEO.

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