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Let’s Get Learning

Although we tend to focus on free and discounted courses from online provider Udemy, there are loads of great alternatives out there if you’re looking to learn and invest in your skills.

Khan Academy

A non-profit educational organisation, Khan Academy is a great resource for those who want to learn about a range of topics from maths, physics and biology to finance, history, computer programming and much more.

Students can learn about their preferred topics at their own pace through the free online courses – what’re you waiting for?

Academic Earth

Also an online repository of free learning – Academic Earth is a little different from others in that it has more than 750 lectures from MIT, Harvard, Standford, Yale, Berkely and others.


Similar to Academic Earth, edX partners with a number of educational institutions from around to globe to deliver a huge range of learning topics.

Although you have to register, the classes are free! Many courses also offer a verified certificate of achieved, however this will entail a fee.


Though Memrise mainly offers great language courses in a variety of tongues from Danish to Polish, there are a number of other subjects including history, maths, science and trivia.

Founded by Grand Master of Memory Ed Cooke and Princeton University neuroscientist Greg Detre, Memrise uses flashcards and mnemonics (learning techniques) to make learning quicker and easier.

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