Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

Keeping an eye on the kids

If you’re lucky then you’ve never experienced one of life’s horrible feelings – the hollow swooping sensation in your stomach when you realise that your child is nowhere in sight.

It can be even worse in a different country – you’re not sure of the lay of the land and neither are they, with no familiar landmarks to look out for, and surrounding people who may speak a different language.

That’s the driving force behind KoolioBandz, a new type of identity wristband developed by Irish company Koolio Ltd. A recent survey carried out by Koolio reported that nearly one in five children had been lost while on holidays both home and abroad, with those between the ages of 4-6 the most likely to become separated from their parents.

Anyone who finds a lost child wearing one of these bracelets can input the wristband code on the KoolioBandz website, and a text message with your child’s location is sent to your phone. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in – the system can translate texts from 40 different languages.

The bands are available across the country from SuperValu stores and other supermarkets costing €9.95 for a pack of two, with a percentage going to the ISPCC’s Childline service.

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