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Grocery savings

Grocery shopping tips

If you’re paid monthly or every fortnight, then there’s only a week to go until that much welcomed pay cheque. Although it will be tempting to go on a shopping spree and fill your fridge and cupboards with all manner of delicious foods, take the time to make a plan and you could notice the price difference on your receipt.

Make a menu

Plan your meals in advance for the week – you’ll know exactly what you’ll need and so avoid buying those garlic mushrooms that will sit in your freezer for the next three months (not speaking from personal experience).

Keep track

Keep your receipts and enter the costs in a spreadsheet. That’ll help you to keep track of your costs and ensure you don’t go over budget, and to compare prices in a range of shops, particularly for the more expensive products.

Shopping bags

Most houses across the country feature a cupboard with a very impressive bag collection – partly because many of us forget to bring our shopping bags and wind up buying another one at the till. Pop two in your car as soon as you can – bags may be cheap, but the cents add up.

In and out

Don’t take a stroll through the aisles while you shop – that’s a great way to come out with items you don’t actually need. Make a list, head straight for those shelves and then hit the checkout! And avoid shopping while hungry too, as that could result in a similar amount of unneeded products in your trolley.

Buy local

Swing by your local butchers and check out their latest deals – in some cases they can be just as competitive, if not more, than Tesco or Lidl. It’s always nice to support your local businesses while saving money at the same time.

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