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Get on your bike with Aldi

As a mostly aerobic activity that gives your heart, lungs, muscles and blood vessels a great workout, cycling is an effective and enjoyable way of improving your overall fitness levels.

Cycle to work or school, or simply around your neighbourhood for fun, and you could see the potential benefits in a relatively short space of time, including increases in muscle and bone strength, weight loss, burning of fat, an increase in your cardiovascular fitness, as well as improved mental health; specifically reduction in stress, anxiety and depression.

This Sunday, June 28th, Aldi has a range of cycling gear on offer at low prices, including a wireless bike computer for €6.99, a tool kit for €24.99 and cycling gloves for €4.99.

Halfords, meanwhile, is currently offering savings on a variety of bikes, such as €125 for an Apollo Feud mens mountain bike (€194.99 off) or €159.99 for a womens Apollo Excelle hybrid bike (€160 off).

And, don’t forget if you want to bike to work you can get involved in the Cycle to Work scheme – a tax incentive scheme whereby employers can purchase bicycles and equipment for their employees up to a value of €1,000.

Employees then pay back the cost from their gross salary (i.e. before taxes or levies are applied), though employers can also buy the bicycle on an employee’s behalf and not require them to pay for it.

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