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Fly away

Fly away

By Tiernan Cannon

Flying abroad can often end up cheaper than travelling internally within a country. A Ryanair flight from Dublin to Amsterdam and back between February 6th and 7th, for example, would set you back about €50. A return train ticket from Belfast to Cork on the same days is priced at almost €119. So, as consumers and globetrotters, we have much to be thankful for.

However, there are always savings to be made and, of course, not every flight is as cheap as a train ticket. So take a look at some of these tips to see if you can cut even more from the cost of your air travel.

Clear your cookies

According to a number of travel experts, airlines and booking engines analyse a user’s cookies in order to show higher airfares on routes that person has searched for often. If a company is aware that a person has searched for tickets on a particular route a number of times, then it can be assumed that the person may be more willing to spend more money to get there. By clearing your browser cache, it will at least appear as if you are searching for flights to this destination for the first time, thus making it more likely that you will be presented with better deals.

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Weigh your luggage at home

Think ahead and defeat the dreaded baggage fees. Weigh your luggage at home and alter the weight if needed. If you feel you don’t have quite enough items crammed into your case while still remaining below the maximum weight, get creative with your hand-luggage. A good hand-luggage bag and a large, multi-pocketed jacket can ensure you have the absolute maximum amount of items on your person without having to pay the additional fees. Or just pack less!

Book when flights are cheaper

According to data gathered by, the cheapest time to book your flights is 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon. This, they claim, is when the most deals are available for the consumer. Naturally enough, weekends prove to be the most expensive time to book a flight, so be crafty and book mid-week.

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