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Family, Fun and Snakes

The annual Irish Pet Exposition will be hosted in the RDS, Dublin this year on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of November. Described as a pet lovers dream, this event will incorporate a wild range of animals including the loveable and loyal golden retriever, a gigantic 20 foot Burmese python, venomous tarantulas, and an aviary full of exotic birds.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their well-behaved dogs along to the exposition and engage with the different assortment of activities . Experienced professionals with be offering their advice and experience to owners in the Dog Breed Village including information about training dogs, and ways to monitor their health. A crew from Positive Dog Training will also be present advertising their variety of products for available for dogs, their Doggie Daycare, and to provide a grooming service.

The exposition will also host an area called Small Furry Friends, where kids and adults alike can come to revel in the company of rabbits, mice, gerbils and rats. Learn about the quality of care needed to look after a furry friend and visit the newly formed Rabbit Club of Ireland to hear them promote the wonders of having a rabbit as a pet.

Perhaps the most daunting section of the events is the World of Reptiles. There you will see an alligator snapping turtle with a bite measuring at 1,000 pounds of force, more than a lion; a Caiman Crocodile, a small reptile measuring at its largest at around five feet long; and an assortment of snakes and spiders.

You will see all of this and much more at the exposition this November. So bring your cameras and join the celebrations of Ireland’s cutest and deadliest pets.

Opening Hours:
9:30am – 6pm daily

Adult – Ђ10
Child (2-16) – Ђ5
Senior – Ђ5
Family – Ђ25