Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

Essentials for your Medicine Cabinet

A recent article we read by British GP Kate Adams explains what we need to spend money on and what we can save money on.


Paracetamol and or ibuprofen are great for pain relief and reducing fever. Avoid expensive branded painkillers; own-brand versions contain the same ingredients.


Having a digital thermometers onhand is the best method for determining if a child or adult is running a temperature.


It’s worth having non-sedating anti-histamines on hand for relieving hay fever or allergies. Try an anti-itch ointment for rashes.

Anti-Acid Medication

Ranitidine or Gaviscon can solve acid issues but consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

Sore throat Medication

Most sore throats are caused by viruses so there is no real treatment other than pain relief or a throat lozenge to soothe the throat. If you can live with the uncomfortable symptoms, you can save a few euro.

Cuts and Grazes

Keep plasters or gauzes on hand to dress most minor wounds and scrapes, instead of forking out on a first aid kit.

Oral Rehydration

Rehydration salts are good when stomach issues arise but you don’t need expensive brand names.