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Eggsellent Easter savings

Easter treats

By Tiernan Cannon

Easter can be a quietly expensive holiday – one that tends to be ignored by the yearly budget. It’s not as expensive or anticipated as Christmas, so it can easily slip our minds. However, those chocolate eggs can be quite expensive, so it’s nice to have some cheaper options to keep everyone happy.

Homemade treats

Picture the scene: it’s Easter Sunday and your children have that madness in their eyes. They want – need – their fill of Easter chocolate, and they’re looking at you expectantly. You could lavish them with expensive chocolate eggs, disrupting your careful budget in the process, or you could inexpensively make your own snacks, which are just as good and more fun and engaging for everyone.

For example, you could make some Easter-themed chocolate cornflake nests or fairy cakes and get the kids to help out. This way they’re engaging in a fun activity, as well as appeasing their almost insatiable chocolate cravings.

Keep an eye on deals

Buy your chocolate eggs in advance or – if you’re feeling dangerous – right before the day itself, and avail of some price cuts or buy-one-get-one-free offers. Keep an eye on Tesco’s shelves, as they regularly run deals in advance of Easter Sunday. The gamblers among you may wait until the day before to avail of some heavily discounted eggs, but you do of course run the risk of the eggs being sold out. That decision is up to you.

Easter activities

Not everything has to revolve around chocolate – why not come up with some fun Easter-themed activities to keep your kids entertained? Buy a few real eggs and have the kids paint and decorate them. Then spread them around the house and garden and have the kids search for them in a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. It’s cheap, simple and fun. If organisation isn’t your thing, Smyths Toys will be holding free egg hunts in all stores across the country on Saturday April 15th from 9am to 2pm.

Or you could prepare some arts and crafts like Easter cards or colouring sheets. There are plenty of free printable templates online.

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