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Easter entertainment

Easter family entertainment

By Tiernan Cannon

The Easter holidays are upon us, meaning that the kids are running feverishly around the house in pursuit of some form of entertainment. It would, of course, be lovely to drop them off at an Easter camp, but those are often quite expensive (and possibly long booked up). Instead, why don’t you try out these tips for keeping the kids’ boredom at bay.

Check out the library

What better way of deflecting a child’s boredom into the land of imagination than through a good old fashioned book? Take your child to your local library and let them sift through the huge array of books that are sure to be on display, and encourage them to focus their hyperactivity into the creation of new worlds and characters created by the letters on the page.

It could also be a great way to teach them about responsibility – keeping the books safe while they’re at home, and making sure to return them on time.

Go for a picnic

If the weather is kind, why not grab a blanket, fill up a wicker basket full of food and drinks and take your kids out for a picnic? This way they get to spend some time outside, running around and tiring themselves out in the fresh air, all for the price of a few sandwiches. Plus, you yourself will probably feel better getting out and about too.

There are plenty of great parks and picnic sites around the country – Mummy Pages has picked out their top choices.

Whose turn is it?

If you’re busy during the week and can’t watch the kids every day of the holidays, why not get in touch with some other parents you know and trust and arrange to share the supervision duties? It may mean that you’ll have to cope with six screaming children instead of two for a particular day or two, but you’ll be as free as a bird otherwise!

Scavenger hunt

This may depend on the space available, but scavenger hunts can be a great and completely free way for your kids to spend an hour or two. Simply make a list of items they need to find (like a smooth leaf or a perfectly round orange), and send them on their way. Bonus points if they manage to complete the hunt without saying a word.

Put on a play

For your more theatrically inclined offspring, encourage them to put on a play or show. Let them raid your wardrobe to find some suitable props and fancy dress, and their imagination will take care of the rest. Don’t forget to capture the result on video for some cute and/or hilarious memories.

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