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Ease those back to school bills

Back to school bills

Last month we offered five top tips for surviving the back to school period, from labelling kids’ clothing to arranging a car pool to school.

But what else can you do to make savings, both now and in the future?

Buy in bulk

If you spot pens, pencils, crayons or copies on sale (or cheaper in stores like Dealz or Mr Price), buy enough multi-packs to last for the year, or at least a few months. For example, Tesco offers a 10-pack own brand set of pens for €1.10 (which do the job as well as their pricier counterparts), while Dealz has 24-packs of HB pencils for €1.50.

The same goes for lunch materials – you can buy ahead and freeze to make some much-needed savings.

Book savings

Did you know that you can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers on According to Tesco, €5 in Clubcard Vouchers is equal to €10 in tokens – simply redeem them on and you’ll receive the token code via email.

Forget the fuel

Worried about the cost of fuel when ferrying your kids to and from school? It’s likely too late now (you can make a late application but a seat is not guaranteed), but keep the Bus Eireann School Transport Scheme in mind for next year. Tickets can be prepaid in full each July or in two payments in July and December.

Lessons learned

Tesco has also set up a Parents Panel which asks parents across the country for their tips and tricks when it comes to saving money planning for the back to school period, with some very good ideas.

Plan ahead

If things have been tight this September, try and ease the burden for next year. If you set aside €15 a week between now and the end of next July you’ll have saved €705, which could make a big dent in your back to school spending, or pay for it entirely!

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