Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

Consumer watch

Thousands of Irish consumers will be hit with increased credit card charges over the next two months. That’s because AvantCard (formally MBNA), is hiking interest rates on purchases, cheque balance and money transfers by 28%.

AvantCard outlined the changes in a recent letter to its Irish customers, advising those who don’t want to pay the increased fees to pay off their outstanding balance and close their account.

In other news, the Irish Examiner reports that several companies have fallen afoul of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. The CCPC issued compliance notices to eircom, Meteor, Three and UPC, who were found to be non-compliant with various parts of the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive following a review of their websites. Eircom and Meteor were deemed to be in breach by failing to alert customers of their right to cancel under the directive.

Finally, motor tax figures recently released by the Oireachtas are causing a bit of a stir – the Government collects €1bn in motor tax each year and, in 2014, the Dáil spending watchdog was informed that €439m of this was redirected to fund Irish Water, with a further €400m due to head in the same direction in 2015.

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