Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

Consumer watch

Vichaya Kiatying Angsulee/

If you’re looking at your annual tax bill with despair, but you’d really like to decrease it as much as possible then Ireland, apparently, isn’t the place to be. That’s according to a piece by Louise McBride in the Irish Independent this week, which says that the best place to work (in relation to low levels of income tax) is Dubai, while the lowest ‘death tax’ is to be found in Australia and New Zealand.

Elsewhere, the Consumers’ Association of Ireland has voiced its opposition to the sale of Aer Lingus. Michael Kilcoyne, the organisation’s deputy chairman, said that the government is ignoring Ireland’s interests in supporting the takeover bid from IAG Group, and warned against the dangers of concentration.

In other disheartening news, it would seem that Irish motorists in particular are determined to return to the good old Celtic Tiger days of reckless spending. The results of a survey commissioned by Volkswagen highlighted that many motorists are completely aware of how much interest they’re paying for car finance, and instead of shopping around for better deals they could be simply throwing money away.

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