Ireland’s Guide To Money And Living

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Plan for your retirement

Winding down your working life? Then there’s a few things you need to be doing as you move towards your retirement.

The Irish Independent suggests contacting your pension provider to make sure they have your most up-to-date details, hire an adviser to help negotiate costs and fees, and take the steps to claim your state pension, among others.

TV savings

If you’re trying to save some money on your household bills, TV is a good place to begin, according to the Irish Times‘ Fiona Redden.

Redden suggests a capable alternative to Sky and UPC – Saorview. Citing figures from Saorview which say that 97 per cent of the most popular programmes for Irish viewers can be found on Saorview, Reddan calculates savings of €300 per year the next and following years.

If you’re a sports fan, however, you might be chained to Sky Sports or Setanta for a while longer.

Stateside for a tenner?

For anyone who has ever flown on a transatlantic flight, or simply looked into a transatlantic flight, you know they don’t come cheap. Even if you book months ahead or find yourself flying on a major holiday or the off-season for tourists, the chances of you finding a roundtrip ticket for less than €1,000 are far and few – at least until now.

This past week Ryanair’s board officially approved plans for transatlantic flights meaning, in true Ryanair fashion, a one-way ticket to the U.S. could cost around €14. The initiative is a part of Ryanair’s five year growth plan and, depending on the rate at which the airline can purchase long-haul aircraft, could be up and in running by 2019/2020.

With over 2,500 transatlantic flights scheduled from various airports and airlines per day, Ryanair’s expansion into the market was a long-time coming. The company’s chief-executive, Michael O’Leary, stated in the Irish Times that he “has talked for many years about establishing a transatlantic airline offering cheap fares” and that the proposal was “a logical development in the European market.”