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Consumer watch

Consumer watch
Ireland’s ‘claims culture’

For most of us, car insurance premiums have gone up over the past year or two, with explanations from insurance companies often less than satisfactory.

Writing for Dublin Live this week, managing director Jonathan Hehir lays the blame for rising premiums at least partially at the door of Ireland’s “claims culture”, arguing that fraudulent claims are driving prices up for everybody.

“As it stands, there is a strong sense of entitlement amongst a small, but significant, cohort of people in Ireland, who believe they are entitled to a big payday if they are involved in the smallest of tips, regardless of any real damage done to themselves or their car,” he says.

Epipen recall

Do you or someone you know use an Epipen? A batch of 300mcg pre-filled pens is being recalled by Meda Health Sales Ireland due to fears that pens from the affected batch may fail to provide an injection as a result of a defective component. No reports of failure have been received so far.

“Anyone who possesses an Epipen for their own use or for someone in their care is urged to check for lot number 5FA665G and to ensure affected pens are immediately replaced,” says Health Products Regulatory Authority. “Lot 5FA665G includes a total of 998 Epipens supplied to the Irish market and it is estimated that the defect is associated with only a small percentage of pens in the lot.”

Patients and carers who discover an Epipen from the affected lot are advised to return it to their pharmacy, where it will be replace for free.

AIB cuts interest rates

Bad news for AIB customers, according to the Irish Independent – the bank is due to cut the interest rates it forks out on seven types of deposit accounts to a mere 0.01%. With this rate, yearly interest paid by the bank on the sum of €10,000 – held in an Online Personal Savings Plan – would net just €1.

“Asked why it was cutting rates, given that it was rescued by taxpayers, a spokeswoman for the bank said: ‘AIB keeps its customer deposit rates under review on an ongoing basis,’” writes personal finance editor Charlie Weston.

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