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Consumer watch

Consumer watch
Prescription costs

Minister for Health Simon Harris has announced that medical card holders over the age of 70 (including their dependents) will see prescription charges reduced from €2.50 to €2. The new charges have taken effect from today (March 1st), with a maximum monthly limit of €20 per person. According to Minister Harris, more than 390,000 medical card holders will benefit from the move.

“Naturally as we grow older, we require more medical help and assistance and from tomorrow, 390,000 of our older friends and family will pay less for their medicines,” he said.

Financial future

According to research commissioned by Irish Life – as part of their #PredictingtheFuture campaign – the majority of parents in Ireland fear for their children’s financial future. With 71 per cent of parents surveyed revealing that they worry their children will struggle financially, many are taking proactive steps to educate their children on financial matters, explaining how budgeting works and encouraging them to budget their pocket money each week. Others are saving for their children’s future, opening a savings account or setting money aside for weddings or house deposits.

Irish Life is encouraging parents to protect their family finances with life insurance. “At Irish Life, we know that while all families are unique, parents really value the peace of mind of being financially prepared for the unexpected things that can happen in family life,” said Karl Symes, Head of Marketing Communications, Irish Life. “To help get started we’re encouraging parents to take five minutes to visit and see how our Family Protection Planner can help. This online tool is a quick and easy way to show you what type of cover you may need to protect your family.”

Car hunt

Finally, if you’re hunting for a cheap second hand car but you’re not having much luck, take some inspiration from British consumer motoring site

They managed to buy a road legal Rover 45 for just £3.19 – the price of a bus ticket or a cup of coffee. The bog standard Rover was purchased as part of an eBay auction, with 77,000 miles on the clock and a valid MOT (Britain’s version of the NCT). For that price you might be expecting a wonky head gasket or a few missing wheels but (following a jump start and some air in the tyres), its new owner managed to drive it home without any major issues.

There’s hope for your search (and your wallet) yet!

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