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Consumer watch

Consumer watch

Property price rise

Property prices are on the up once more according to the Irish Independent, with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) noting a 10.5% rise in the first four months of the year. Prices increased by 8.2% for Dublin properties, though a larger increase of 13.4% was noted outside the capital, particularly in the west of Ireland.

“Demand for housing is strong due to demographic changes, the lack of buildings during the downturn, the Government’s help-to buy scheme and the relaxing of mortgage restrictions by the Central Bank,” writes Charlie Weston.

Consumer complaints

In other news, reports that the Commission for Energy Regulation received almost 3,500 complaints last year, with consumers seeking help and advice on matters ranging from issues with meters to account problems. In one case a customer of Gas Networks Ireland was mistakenly charged €2,500, which was then waived.

“It is important that both energy and water customers continue to refer complaints to the CER as suppliers and network operators have a responsibility to maintain a minimum level of customer service,” Aoife MacEvilly, CER Commissioner responsible for the retail sector, is quoted as saying.

Revenue revamp

Finally, Revenue’s PAYE Anytime service is set to be replaced from June 19th. First launched in 2005, The Irish Times reports that Revenue is looking to move users to the MyAccount platform, with a free mobile app for Android and iOS – RevApp – also available.

Revenue has also launched its new website this week, with the aim of providing information to users in a simpler and more accessible way.

“As part of the redesign process we consulted customer focus groups, tax practitioners and our own Revenue staff. We also took account of recent research into how people actually look for and consume online content. Our new website uses plain language, reduces the use of unnecessary technical terms and makes extensive use of examples,” the organisation said.

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